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Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

We specialize in outdoor space setup and maintenance; providing quick and professional services when it comes to spring clean up, lawn mowing, both ride on and push mow incase you want your grass clippings bagged and removed. We can also provide services when it comes to landscaping, weed maintenance, hedge trimming, soil replacement and pesticide services.  Please contact or email us for a quote. You can either send us a photo of the space that you want worked on and what you’d like done or we can come to your home and leave a quote in the mail box. Because of these difficult times we will only be accepting online banking transactions to limit interactions due to social distancing.



Due to the severity of COVID-19, Garden Girls have found the solution to reducing the amount of contact that we have with our customers. We have proposed to you - our clients that you send us photos of what you would like done to your garden or lawn. If you prefer that we come to your property we can can get into contact via whatever you prefer. Just leave that in the message when you reach out. When it comes to payment we prefer online bank transfer, but if that's not possible you can leave cash in your mailbox for us to collect. Please make sure that you book a quote before scheduling our services. Please wait until you hear back and that we've confirmed the day and the time. We hope that everyone is staying safe in these concerning times - The Garden Girls


I've always had a passion for the outdoors and being in the garden. While I was overseas in NewZealand I was able to make my passion into a career and started my own landscaping company. Now that I've returned from my travels I've decided to start a full time business here in Windsor, Ontario.

Tasha Canty