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Lawn Care and Maintenance 

let us make your grass even greener


Lawn Maintenance

Pick between weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cuts. We can do the cut in a flash using our ride on, or with a push mower. You pick your length, and if you want the edges done with a weed whacker. If you prefer to have you'r grass clippings taken away we've got you covered.


Lawn Aeration 

Windsor Ontario is one one of those places that has an extremely high clay content in the soil. When you aerate your lawn it helps to loosen compacted soil, letting air and water to reach the roots allowing for regrowth and greener grass.


Pesticide Treatment

Control unwanted weeds insects and bugs with a good spring spray down. We can control the weeds that might pop up during the warmer months, while also helping to keep away any invasive pests and bugs.

Lawn Care and Maintenance: Services
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