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Our Partners

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Maidstone Tree Farm and Garden Centre

Maidstone nursery is an amazing nursery that came about in the 1970's. Their commitment to sell the best products is something that garden girls can rely on. They have assortments of all plants and gardening tools and are located and services are top quality. We are proud to welcome them as one of our partners.

Current Partners: Services

Earth Co Solutions

EarthCo is devoted to environmental action, sustainability, greening the local community. They service ALL of Windsor - Essex County, Tilbury and Wheatley. They're an organic waste collection service, in which they'll provide you a green bin to put all of your organic and food waste in. They'll pick it up every week and process it in an anaerobic digester where it is transformed into nutrient rich fertilizer for agricultural / horticultural applications or for your garden.

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